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An anecdote of my Air force life ...New Delhi.

What you said the other day, that the organisation is not bad, but the people make it good or bad! Many like me get emotionally charged and hurt themselves! But people like you don't bother about insults or favours.

Selfless in approach as a representative of the Air force, you cared to come to my home sympathetically.

Thanks yaar...!

His hard grip of handshake before leaving soothed my hurt ego of the slammed door before my face!


Second time bell rank for long duration. The door opened. Before closing it, the words 'No one wants to meet you' were uttered. The sergeant, standing behind me, said in a 'Daya type' voice from the 'CID' serial, 'Sir, I will kick open the door. ‘Saale ki eaisi ki aisi ki taisi'. I rang the bell again without saying anything. Good twice.