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this same individual approached me again asking "Can you help me sir?"?' I looked at his face casually said, 'If possible can do.' 

When she inquired in Marathi, "Is Sir present?" she informed me that someone had come to see me who looked like clock hands pointing at 6:15. Intrigued by her description, I hastened to greet my visitor only to find him struggling to settle into his seat. His upper body leaned heavily forward while bearing all his weight on a supporting cane; however, when the clock struck 6:15 precisely, his posture shifted entirely...! My daughter's characterization proved quite accurate indeed.

"I am Sergeant Tandale," he introduced himself. 


"Shashi," he said thoughtfully, "this ordeal should never befall you again. But remember this night nonetheless. Look upon tonight's world through eyes that are not your own - view it from those who do not share your privilege. Let these thoughts inspire you to achieve greatness."

The night eventually passed, and we stumbled upon suitable lodgings during our early morning journey onwards. The memory faded into oblivion as life progressed into one filled with comfortable mattresses and luxurious amenities.

But every now and then, catching sight of someone else lying on a cold pavement serves as a poignant reminder of that fateful night... For even though money was abundant amongst us at that time, any initial grumbling about life's hardships was quelled by our circumstances.