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  I felt so inadequate and ignorant after my first visit to the Naadi reader I bought a small book by the late Prof. B.V.Raman entitled “Astrology for Beginners” which I believe is still in print and is used worldwide. I read and re-read that book several times before I could begin to make any sense out of it.  It was not the fault of the author but the abysmal ignorance of the reader. I had to reconcile between Sanskrit and English astrological terminology and Tamil. Gradually I began to understand the Naadi reader’s lingo and note taking became a bit easier.

 I have collated several Naadi readings, summarised and generalised them to give people an idea of what the Naadi is all about. But out of respect, as previously mentioned, I have refrained from going into personalised readings of people even though most of them are long dead and gone.  Now that I am much older, in my twilight years, I have the advantage of hindsight having observed, albeit from afar, everybody’s “future” unfold over the years as I grew older.